Hey guys! We’re playing a guessing game in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage month, and you should play along! Each of us came up with five questions ahead of time, and the one who gets the LEAST right has to drink a shot of soy sauce. Listen (below) or watch the video (belower)!

*HAZARD: Do not drink more than a shot. People have died of drinking a whole bottle of soy sauce because it F’s up your sodium levels!*

Here are the questions we asked:

  1. What’s the capital of Korea? Jen got this right.
  2. What US children’s author was actually super-racist against Asian-Americans? William got this right.
  3. What is the currency in Korea? Jen got this wrong.
  4. What ethnicity were the first Asian people who came to the Western Hemisphere? (The answer to this is found here (http://www.asian-nation.org/first.shtml) and there are a lot more cool things you can learn there) William got this wrong.
  5. When surveys are done of the general US population, what are the three most famous Korean dishes? Jen got this right.
  6. Which very popular US president put Japanese Americans in concentration camps?
  7. What was the first ever romcom made in Korea?
  8. What is the “Yellow Peril”?
  9. What’s the highest grossing Korean romcom?
  10. Why were Chinatowns formed in the US?


So who had to drink the SOY SAUCE???


After playing, we talk about why this month matters to us personally. You should tell us why it matters to YOU! Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, or e-mail us your v-logs at movie@mysweetaffair.com, and tell us why Asian American culture matters to you.

You can do this even if you’re not Asian American, but let’s keep it celebratory and sweet, not creepy or appropriation-y! We’ll pick our favorite videos to win prizes.

Finally, in this podcast we talk a lot about racism specifically in love. William talks about advertisements where people were warned about the dangers of dating Asians, and Jen talks about how her mother was told not to marry her Dad because then they’d have mixed children. Tell us what you think: would you date an Asian-American?

Or, better question, WILL you date an Asian-American?

William is offering a date with him as one of the perks of our Seed&Spark campaign. If you can’t afford the perk by yourself, but want the date, you can get some of your girls together and go on a group date! William’s willing to work with your needs. -_^

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