We’re throwing a party on Saturday, May 13th from 1-3pm EST!

Saturday morning, our top-tier backers ($30 and up) will get e-mails with a link  to a private hangout link.

Invitees will be divided into 2 teams:

-Team Lashonda, for our high-achieving, K-pop-loving businesswoman wife,

-and Team Sung-min, for our free-spirited, jazzy, go-with-the-flow husband.

So yeah–heads up, backers, it’s coming at you Saturday! Not only do you get to meet the awesome lead actors who play these characters, but you’ll also compete against each other in fun, crazy team Skype games and challenges! Our leads Stacey Malone and William Jeon will be meeting each other FOR THE FIRST TIME in front of you, and they’ll do a private reading of one of the pages of the script. We’ll be coming up with poetry and silly pick up lines on the spot, too. It’s gonna be the coolest digital party you’ve ever enjoyed.

So join us, if you’re not already one of those special team members, and invite your friends! For everyone who brings a “date” (ie a friend that you invited to support the campaign), we’ll write a custom poem for your date right there on the spot, and enter your date in the drawing to win that Smart Watch we told you about.

Yeah, it’s $30 for a digital party–because we’re also giving your date a download of our movie, a postcard from set, a bunch of romantic music, and three books. Basically an AWESOME long-distance date, and a really cute short-distance date (or however that’s said).

P.S. Your MOM needs your attention this weekend. This is a way to show her attention if she likes romance movies! If she doesn’t, get her a poem (for $1) by pledging in her name. Every woman alive likes poems. (Yes, you read that right, if you don’t like poetry you’re dead to me. Samantha probably doesn’t want me saying that, though. -_^ Heehee see you Saturday!)


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