Pledge to Help Us April 1st

Pledge to help us April 1st, Get rewards now!

Thank-you so much for helping us out! Put your e-mail in the space below.

When we send you a confirmation, before you click that “yes subscribe me,” respond to that e-mail with your pledge amount.

Then, on April 1st, we’ll e-mail you, and you can get prizes! Like the ones below!

What’s this?

Our crowdfunding campaign starts April 1st. But if you pledge to give now,

  • Early pledges at $25 and above get an exclusive download of the film with commentary. (Not available during the regular campaign!)
  • At $25 and above you also get an invite to our diversity in indie film celebration in Cleveland on April 29th, or a digital chance to attend online.
  • Finally, pre-pledges at all levels $10 and above get a little romantic cookbook and the date ideas book from our screenwriter’s Becoming Hero superhero franchise.

Don’t have money, but want to help us out some other way? Head over to our e-mail list to sign up for the in-crowd, and we’ll send you The Booklet, our pdf of awesome filmmaking resources! From there, you can help by sharing out our movie on Twitter, following us on Instagram, adding us to your Pinterest, liking us on Facebook, reblogging us on Tumblr, or just talking about us to your friends and family!


  • $25 and up get a digital copy of the film
  • $50 and up get a signed DVD

More detailed pledge information:
$1: The Crush
-Your name in our credits.
-A tiny micropoetry dedicated to you.

$10: The Flame
-Postcard from set
-Recipe Book
-Date Ideas Book

$25: Sung-min’s Choice
-All above rewards
-Two extra superhero books from Jen Finelli
-A digital copy of the #affairmovie film

$50: DVD!
-Above rewards
-Plus a physical DVD!


You can also skip the pledging, skip the gifts, and donate now.

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