Wanna discover some new music? We teamed up with stereotype-busting rapper Heesun Lee, soul-singer/songwriter Sheena Lee, smooth R&B master Teddy Benson, reggae pop experience Raely Elle, and dynamite musician marriage Malice and Mario Sweet to bring our backers exclusive music downloads to get you in the romantic mood. Whether that means you want something sexy and smooth, heartfelt and honest, or tough-love-style, we’ve got it for you! It’s a way for us to promote these cool new artists and a way for you to get your groove on.

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Hee Sun Lee

Download: Smooth rap groove “Special Pick” by HeeSun Lee. 

HeeSun wrote today’s special download about her husband. She says: “Marriage is about sacrifice, commitment, communication, and trust. Through personal experience, it is almost impossible to have success at home if both partners are not demonstrating these acts. I believe marriage is good for the soul, it shows that love exists and WORKS, and it creates families and futures.”

HeeSun Lee isn’t your average Hip Hop emcee. Put up for adoption in her native Korea at the age of four months, she was brought to America and raised by Chinese parents on Staten Island, NY. As a teenager, she became a fan of Hip Hop acts ranging from Lauryn Hill and Will Smith to Tupac Shakur. All of Lee’s diverse experiences fused to create the illuminating backdrop for her sophomore CD Stereotypes, which placed #7 on iTunes Christian/Gospel Charts and #24 on Billboard Christian Gospel. Lee’s story is unique in that she credits not only her faith but also Hip Hop for saving her life. 

You can buy HeeSun’s most recent album, Beauty from Ashes, on iTunes and Amazon. “Special Pick” comes from her popular album Stereotypes, once available on Amazon but now sold out. Head to her website and watch for YOUR chance to snag it soon!

Download: Soft electronic R&B track “Eternal Love” by Sheena Lee.

Sheena’s special download for you speaks to her heart’s truest love in her passionate, heartfelt performance. About marriage, she says:

“Marriage is challenging, but it’s also rewarding… Marriage is not for the weak, it’s for the strong. As long as there is prayer and communication with the addition of being mindful of each others needs you can always work through those challenges and come up with a solution which in turn is rewarding.”

A New York native, Sheena Lee is no stranger to music and its impact in the hearts and minds of people.  With two critically acclaimed albums – 2013’s Destiny and 2015’s Sheena – she continues to stay the course of her calling to make music that represents God’s Love.  Both albums, with appearances from fellow recording artists Andy Mineo, Benjah, Butta P of Rhema Soul, and Hezekiah Walker have garnered praise from the industry and fans alike. Currently working on her third yet untitled project, Sheena once again looks to bring her unique sound and encouragement to listeners.

You can buy Sheena’s full album on iTunes and Amazon, and you can always stream her rich voice on Spotify!

Download: Sensual trip-hop beats “Got You” by Malice and Mario Sweet 

Malice and Mario’s classy, respectful bedroom track celebrates physical and emotional connectedness in marriage. Malice writes:

“Mario and I wrote “Got U”, to express the more sensual side to our relationship. We have always been on the same page about the importance of intimacy in marriage. We believe that physical connectedness is just as important and mental and spiritual connectedness.”

Malice and Mario Sweet are a real-life married couple from Seattle, Washington, making music together. Meant to last – in love and music. Grab their beautiful celebration of their own love on iTunes and Bandcamp!

Download: Playful reggae-pop song “Hey You There” by Raely Elle.

Raely’s “Hey You There” can be interpreted as a friendly call to a sweetheart to open up. She writes,

“I wrote ‘Hey You There’ because I saw a major need for a message that inspires people to explore their God-given talents and have a newfound freedom to be themselves without feeling like conforming to what the world tells you to be. The music video is very playful and sets a good example to stop being so afraid of being silly. My husband created the beat for the song, and I knew we were going to have fun doing this project together! One of my biggest blessings is being able to collaborate, and create with my partner. There are so many layers to marriage, and it is exciting to peel through and explore the different dynamic adventures you take on as a couple.”

Raely Elle is a Singer/Songwriter based out of Portland OR. She has an R&B/Pop sound with a Reggae inspired flare. She creates music that brings people hope, while spreading light to all that listen. Her mission is to create music that is healing, and ultimately bringing glory to the Creator.

You can head to iTunes right now to pick up her full album of upbeat, soft-voiced joy, Peacemaker!

Download: Encouraging bedroom love song “Lights On” by Teddy Benson 

We chose this song for you because Teddy’s words answer the fears of many married women about their bodies:

“Growing up around an all women household, full of plus size queens, my vision of beautiful women was always confused, from what the media told me through magazines and music videos to what I see in my own home. I watched as I saw friends pluck their eyelashes, starve their bellies, and cover their faces with dollar after dollar of the newest Revlon or Mac makeup. I learned that there are so many types of beautiful. That true beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder. That every women deserves to be treated like queens. To feel beautiful at all times.”

Teddy Benson has performed in countless venues around the West Coast and in January 2016 he signed with independent record label Ackrite Music Group to made his mark on Hip Hop with the release of the King Flow EP, “Lights On” single, and his latest release 1904 which shows his versatility as a musician along with the love and passion he has for his city (San Diego, California).

Its undeniable that Teddy Benson has the potential to be the voice of Hip Hop for the next generation, so be sure to follow him on his journey to the top!

Get all of his smooth grooves here.

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