We have a special guest on our podcast for you today: our Lashonda, Miss Stacey Malone!

Stacey MaloneWe’re so happy to have her on the podcast. We were really excited to find her, and learn about her acting
career and past—we’ll let her tell you about how she met Sam.

“I wrote a web series that we’re in production for right now, and I put a post out looking for crew as we were getting ready for our journey, and Samantha came on the first day and hasn’t left me since!”


They used Stage32 to network and coordinate, and Samantha invited Stacey to our first table read. Since she read for Lashonda it’s been hard for us to get her out of our heads for the role: Samantha would send me e-mails where she said something like “Lashonda’s busy this weekend” and I’d be like, “You mean Stacey?” We had almost 200 lovely applicants, but Stacey led the pack.


We asked Stacey to talk a little bit about how she interprets the character of Lashonda.


“I like Lashonda a lot, you can tell that she’s searching for something. I know the feeling of being in a situation where you’re with somebody and it’s kind of stalled, and you want to go but you can’t really go, and you’re looking for some excitement in your life, so that’s what I really connected with her with…When we were doing the table read I really kind of just connected with her as I was reading it, and just fell in love with her a little bit with every page turn.”


This means a lot coming from her, since Stacey also writes predominantly comedy herself. Like Lashonda, she’s also an entrepreneur, and runs 12-21 Entertainment.


Comedic Background

“I was the type of child who wanted to be something all the time. I wanted to be this one week and something else another week—I lived in a lot of fantasy. That was my playtime, was like Barbies and creating these stories…A lot of those things, you look back at your life and you see that a lot of the things shaped the person who you were going to be. Like, I was a little liar…but they were really stories that I fictitiously made up in my head, and now I just do that, but I just put it on the screen now.”


Her father got a video camera and together they used to play at shows and commercials, and she would use her Barbies as actors later.


“They were great, they were always on time, and they gave me all the emotion I was looking for,” she jokes. “I really just thought of it as play—I never thought of it as something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Then, when I got to high school and started getting on stage, and I got all the applause and the laughter, I began to realize this, this is what I really want to do.”

Directing and planning for the future

Stacey actually went on to direct stage plays, and found that the instant feedback it provided really boosted her confidence. After high school she went to college for film, but found that it wasn’t suited for her personality. She was in her first SAG credited film in college, and then decided it was time to take film seriously.


Stacey went to bartending school in preparation for a move out to Los Angeles, where she planned to bartend at night and act by day. Life threw her a curveball when she chose love, and became pregnant with her son. The relationship abruptly ended, leaving her a single mother without the resources or contacts to move a child out to Los Angeles.


Stacey was not one to be held down by circumstance, however, and decided that if she couldn’t go to the film community the film community could come to her. She started 12-21 Entertainment, and after gaining some traction with a script that won several festival awards, she began to film her Greek-life focused webseries. Her current web series stars a young woman who discovers she’s pregnant right before her partner breaks up with her.


Now, Stacey’s spare time is consumed with creativity—whether it’s cooking or collaborating with friends, she’s always making something. You can find her creativity on:


  1. Her Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/1221Entertainment
  2. Her Instagram: @mzmalone81 or 1221EntertainmentGroup
  3. Snapchat: Stacey Malone
  4. Facebook: Stacey Malone, Now What Webseries or 1221 Entertainment.
  5. Twitter: YesImStaceyMal1


Listen to the podcast for more details about her series, and, as always, thanks for supporting!


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