Our crowdfunding campaign launches on Seed&Spark April 1st. We want you to learn from our successes and mistakes, so here’s what we’re trying!


We’ve put up a pre-pledge page. Some experts say you should have 30% of your funds locked down before the campaign when crowdfunding, but you should DEFINITELY have 30% gathered within the first week. Our page, mysweetaffair.com/pledge, lets people see some basic information about our perks ahead of time, and people who pledge early get:

  • a ticket to an exclusive event at the end of our campaign (online and in Ohio, or just online)
  • the director’s commentary of the film

Small Perks Make a Big Difference

Almost all crowdfunding experts say you’ve got to have a good, shareable, $1 perk. For our shareable perk, all our $1 donors get a special microfic or micropoem written just for them, plus, you get your name in the credits!


We’re also leveraging the skills of our team. Someone on our team will make available a script consultation, and Samantha, who’s a professional photographer, will be giving tutorials to new photographers and even photoshoot opportunities to take your headshots, etc.


Thematic Rewards

We’ve learned through extensive research that theming things helps. You should offer perks that are unique to you and the story of your film, and let your perks tell a story! So at the $25 level we’re offering the Sung-min’s choice, a comics-themed gift package to fit with our male lead’s art and comics-loving personality. By the by, shout-out to @JohnTrigonis over at Indiegogo. If you want a film crowdfunding expert on your side, you should talk to him. He gave our writer a lot of advice that she used for a successful Indiegogo campaign.


Give experiences, not just stuff.

This is a very basic lesson we’ve learned from previous campaigns (and even Jen’s successful crowdfunding campaign in January igg.me/at/BecomingHero). Things like a trip to set, a chance to appear in the film, chances to meet the actors etc—lots of cool opportunities! Along the same lines, we’re focusing on:


Digital over physical rewards.

The digital rewards aren’t just more affordable to you, but most people nowadays are going paperless and DVD-less. This makes your special, limited-edition signed DVDs even more special!


So that’s what we’re talking about today—listen to the podcast for the deets! Come back on April 1st, spread the word about us, and share this podcast, if you can. Thank-you so much, all of you who’ve shown interest up to this point—we could’ve have gotten this far without you!

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