Back in 2011, Dr. Kanazawa ran a study looking at “subjective” and “objective” attractiveness, and concluded that Black women are just less beautiful overall. Psychology Today eventually hid the article he wrote, and other scientists have criticized his use of the data sets, but the fact remains: the bias against Black beauty is so mainstream, it’s in academia.

In the meantime, thousands of young girls sneak illegal, cancer-causing products to bleach their skin, or burn their scalps trying to look beautiful according to white standards.

Is Kanazawa right? Do you believe, in your heart of hearts, that Black women are unattractive? Do you think it’s okay for Black girls to believe that about themselves?

If your answer is no, now it’s time to do something about it. Inaction is agreement with the mainstream, friend. No more lip service. Share this link with two people, if you’re already part of the campaign; click “follow” on this page if you’re not. Both of those actions cost you nothing, but do everything to make a difference. Black girls need to see themselves as the standard of romantic beauty in film, just like any other girl. If you really believe that, you will act. And if you don’t…maybe we need to talk.

Thank-you for standing up for beauty.

Samantha Mauney and Jen Finelli
“I’m Having an Affair With My Wife”

P.S. The University of Colombia once did a similar study about Asian men; an easy Google search will show you Asian men face “unattractiveness” stereotypes, too, but from a masculinity perspective. We need to end that. Click here if you believe Asian men deserve desire, too.

I'm Having an Affair With My Wife!

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