Hey y’all! Another little #AffairWITH post to sum up some of the love we’ve been sharing up on twitter, plus a few bonus tips you’ll only find here. Since we’re creating an indie film about love, we figure we better be all about loving your spouse in real life. (By which we mean, we’re all about YOU doing the loving your spouse thing, while we focus on the film.) If you missed the first 10 tips, you can find them here!

This week is all about date ideas. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you should stop dating! These tips will help you treat every day like a new adventure.

If you find one you like, be sure to tweet it using the #AffairWITH hashtag!

Ready to love on your spouse?

#AffairWITH Tip 12: “What’s up my sex sensei?” Try greeting your spouse this way and see what happens. We saw this one on Tamara Mataya’s twitter, and we think it’s awesome.

#AffairWITH Tip 13: Cheat on your fear, and do something just a lil scary with your spouse . Freaky movie…walk in the dark…we’re not telling you to do anything stupid (unless it’s for a really, really good cause), but you know, step out of your comfort zone. Bathe in spiders together or whatever (maybe don’t do that). However you do it, bond over shared bravery.#AffairWITH Tip 14: Ever dreamt of having an affair with your boss? Do it with your spouse. Go into business together, even in just a very small way, and be part of a team. Caveat: the marriage team comes before the business team. Articles like the one above explain good ways to use the business to help instead of hurt the marriage. Be careful with this one, and do your homework. And have fun!#AffairWITH Tip 15: Run away to Mexico City and smooch by a vertical garden. Sometimes the best part of an affair is the travel.

#AffairWITH Tip 16: Cheat on the way you do cooking and try something neither of you know tonight. Ever had fried oxtail soup from Indonesia? (If you have, try something else, haha)

#AffairWITH Tip 17: Extend your affair with your spouse into your work life by reading this rad little post on how to have an affair at work.

Do you have any affair tips of your own to share? How do you blend self-sacrifice into the little things? Leave a comment below and let us know! And, if you liked this post, please share it with your friends, and tell us about your adventures with these #affairWITH tips!

See you next week!

Jen Finelli writes stuff. You can find that stuff at byjenfinelli.com, or you can click around this website to find out more about the movie she wrote.

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