A film about marriage, fidelity, and kimchi

Lashonda‘s a driven, successful businesswoman
with a passion for Korean food (and Korean men);

Sung-min‘s a laid-back artist who loves good music
as much as he loves to kick back with a comic book.

When their marriage goes sour,
they both seek out affairs online…
and accidentally end up secretly dating each other.

This quirky new film explores the things we’re really married to–like our work, our hobbies, and our habits–and the ways it can be fun and fulfilling to “cheat” on them. It’s a celebration of marriage that doesn’t hide from the problems with happily ever after, and it’s rocking the internet even in pre-production: we made the top 15 percent of films at the Austin Film Festival in 2016, and finalists at the Beverly Hills Screenwriting Competition this spring. We’re crowdfunding April 1st, 2017! Help us out, join our e-mail list, and in the meantime, visit this site for updates, marriage “cheats,” and an ongoing conversation about diversity and representation in movies.

And if you want to help us make an awesome romantic comedy starring an Asian guy and a Black girl, feel free to visit our donation page and pitch in!

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